Startups: Don’t just collect my email

Over the winter something interesting happened. LaunchRock came out and gave startups that are still “under construction” a simple launch page which they can use to collect email addresses and gauge interest. Collecting emails is a great way to get in touch with your potential users when you are ready to go.

I’ve since put my email address in quite a few of these. But I haven’t heard back from a single one. I know launching a startup takes time, but by not contacting people who are interested in your startup and keeping them up to date, I’m probably going to forget all about it. Or worse, I’ll feel like you are inviting others to your beta but not me for some reason.

Send out an email once a month to let users know how things are going, you’d be surprised how early some people are willing to beta test something. Just don’t overdo it, I don’t want to hear from you twice a week if you are launching a year from now.


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