The Pros and Cons of Unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO is the new hotness at tech companies. It’s a great marketing/recruiting tool: “wait I get UNLIMITED time off???”, but many people in the industry are skeptical, with the belief that peer pressure will mean no one will take time off. After all, an employee can’t literally take unlimited time off, or can they…?… Read more

Facebook CPC – Take Two

When I wrote the last blog post, I didn’t expect it to quite have the reach it did, it seems like many people have been burned by Facebook advertising and it resonated with them quite well. There were a few misconceptions and other things I saw, and perhaps I unfairly targeted my wrath on Facebook… Read more

You Should Have Bought Stamps

People are usually wrong about what is correct to do financially. For example, “common knowledge” is that a Savings account is the safest place for your money, and the few people who do have savings in our country probably have it sitting in one of these accounts. But look at the Interest Rates. Right now… Read more

Startups: Don’t just collect my email

Over the winter something interesting happened. LaunchRock came out and gave startups that are still “under construction” a simple launch page which they can use to collect email addresses and gauge interest. Collecting emails is a great way to get in touch with your potential users when you are ready to go. I’ve since put… Read more