Most mysterious Google ranking ever.

I noticed in the Beerby traffic logs that we were getting an unusual amount of hits from the query “cake central”. This isn’t altogether unusual, as we have a lot of locations on our website, we often come up near the top for those locations if they are big beer places. But “Cake Central” just didn’t sound like a beer place to me.

So imagine my surprise when I did a Google search for “cake central”, and (some user page) is the top result, and even better Google seemed to have caught it when we were doing a code push.

Odd Google Result

Now why this page ranks higher then and all the Twitter feeds it has etc… is a complete mystery to me. Sure maybe Beerby has a higher PageRank, but this Error page it indexed (as well as the working correct page) DO NOT HAVE THE WORD “CAKE” OR “CENTRAL” ANYWHERE IN THEM!! And doing a link: search for the page reveals no links to that page using the text “cake central”. I’d love to know how Google messed up so bad on this one…

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